Ice Machine Leasing, Sales & Service

A customer fills his cup with clean, fresh ice cubes from an HSI-installed Manitowoc ice maker.Tired of carrying buckets of ice from the back room, past your lunch-time visitors, climbing up on a counter to add ice cubes to the top of your soda fountain machine?

High Standard Icemakers can install an energy efficient, environmentally friendly, Manitowoc electronic icemaker to your fountain drink dispenser, eliminating the need to make that twice-daily ice run!

Your employees will be freed-up to take care of more important things, like providing your customers with the world’s best service!

Eliminating employees handling ice also helps with food safety, by removing a potential source of food contamination from your food service.

You’ve spent your life’s savings on your new restaurant franchise! Don’t let it look like a barely surviving mom & pop, by having to manually fill the ice dispenser on your soda fountain!

Give your fountain drink dispenser a clean, fresh look , with a new Manitowoc electronic icemaker by High Standard Icemakers!